Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 6

Thirteen Objects I Am Extremely Grateful To Have

1. My laptop and wi-fi at random places like the mall and panera bread. How did I live without wi-fi?

2. My conditioner. REALLY BAD THINGS happen to my hair when I don’t use unreasonably expensive conditioner.

3. Mega-vat cups from convenient stores and fast food places. I drink big and my cups need to be able to handle that.

4. Ti-vo. Ti-vo has changed my life. It has given me back little slices of grown up land. Again, how did I live without ti-vo?

5. My eyeliner. Im not even remotely a girly-girl but I really do feel naked when I don’t have my eyeliner on.

6. Tennis shoes without laces. (I heart sketchers!) If you know me, you know why this is such an important thing for me. I have never successfully managed to keep a pair of shoes tied for more than maybe ten minutes at a time.

7. Baby wipes. My god I had no idea how amazing baby wipes are! They have bettered my life in so many ways. I recommend that whether you have kids or not, go out and invest in some baby wipes. They aren’t just for butt wiping anymore!

8. Men’s boxer shorts. I have completely boycotted the insane gaucho craze and don’t believe I would have any shorts this summer without the wonderful world of men’s boxers.

9. CNN. It’s a neurotic news junkie’s dream. It is just very reassuring to wake up at 3am and realize I can find out what is happening in the world.

10. Five pillows in my bed. They sort of outline me. I can’t sleep without them.

11. My white noise machine. Before they invented these, I used to turn my radio to static. My dad once called in to a talk radio psychologist to find out what was wrong with me. He didn’t get through. I took that baby to the hospital when I had my kids. It was awesome.

12. Really Good Pens. I feel so helpless when I don’t have a really good pen to work with.

13. A good bra. Those who know me know why this is so important…we will leave it at that.

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Julie said...

I wish I had TiVo, but if I did I don't think I'd ever leave the house :)

Canada said...

I want TiVo! Actually, now that they've moved Grey's Anatomy to Thursday (choir night), I think I need TiVo. And I, too, need a really good bra!

And please don't laugh but. . . wi-fi? Please define.

factor 10 said...

Amen to a good Bra! I'd like to teach the world to buy a bra that really fits...

Jenny Ryan said...

TIVO is the supreme electronic appliance in our household! :)

Canada said...

Oooh, factor 10, you should check out the intense fitting directions for bra shopping at Bitch, PhD

crse said...

Canada its all good, I had to look up what it actually stands for. I guess it was initially a brand name (wireless fidelity) and what it is when They somehow set up wireless so you can just go into Starbucks or whatever and just open your laptop and get on the net. Please, I want to take a moment to encourage you all, (except jenny ryan who has seen the beauty of the tivo) get the tivo. My father actually gave it to us as a housewarming present and we were like "ok thats sweet, whatever". We had no idea how it would enhance our lives. Reading this I realize its kind of sad and pathetic but I will wear that badge proudly if I can just help one person see their favorite shows.

Pippajo said...

OK, every time I read your TT I want to copy it. I have such a hard time thinking of a list every week and I read yours and think, "A-HA! Next week I'LL do 13 things I do to piss off my spouse! Next time I'LL do 13 things I am grateful to have!" As far as adding me to your blogroll, I guess since I can't seem to keep from quoting your blog and linking to it from my blog, it's the least I can do. See? I can be magnanimous. Is that even the correct usage for that word? Anyway, really, I would be honored to be added. And, how, exactly, do you do that? I would like to start one too (and can I ask in advance if I can put yours on there?)

Pippajo said...

Oh and I have more. The Ti-vo. My sister (the one with the box on her head) has it and I covet it greatly. Good pens. My OTHER sister, Daria, and I are always on the prowl for a good pen. And once we find one we get all, "YOU MUST NEVER TOUCH MY PEN"! And the elusive good, properly fitting bra...I think this is an Urban Legend. You know, Bigfoot, Nessie, a good-fitting, supportive bra.

luckybuzz said...

What kind of conditioner do you use, actually? (My eternal quest to get my hair to look even half as good as yours does continues...)

Wolfbernz said...

#12 & #13.. Uhh... How Interesting!

crse said...

Pippa- All you do to blogroll is go to the site and it literally talks you through the process. (I love it when you link to me btw!) Im always looking to steal too I could never figure out how to do a slide show though..But, F10 and Wolfbernz, Im filing both your weeks away for future reference. LB did you see it when you were here? it is the orange bottle. I think you are delusional and i wish I had YOUR hair (actually I wish I had many of your fine features!)

Jesse said...

I had 4 pillows that cradled my head like something that cradles other things. But I got rid of all of them in the move. Now I have one pillow that I have to keep moving when I move so it stays with my head. It is way more work than it should be.