Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

In tribute to the The Amazing Miss Pippajo (for whom my blogstalking devotion never wavers. No matter how many other blogs i stalk, I always end up there three or four times a day whether she posts or not)who did topic this last week and made me literally laugh out loud. My family is not as funny but they are kind of weird which is always interesting fodder for a list!

Thirteen Things About My Family

1. When you plan a party for three o clock, nobody actually shows up at 3. Usually its around 345. If you show up on time? You freak out the hosts and have to help set up.

2. My younger brother married a woman with my name and I married a man with his name. Interestingly, my step brother and sister both married people with forms of my name too.

3. My two brothers and I all have some sort of brain dysfunction that causes us to argue to the point of irrationality and can be wrong 32 times in a row but still be just as adamant that 33rd time.

4. Its takes us about 45 minutes to decide on pizza toppings if we are all together and someone makes the mistake to ask us what we want.

5. When we play games, it’s always extreme trash talk games. We made my sister in law cry when she first played monopoly with us because “brothers and sisters are not supposed to act that way”(bless her heart she is an only child) Now she is right in the thick of things.

6. Related to #5, my brothers once spent an entire hour ending a game of mousetrap with each other long after the child (my nephew) we were playing with quit. They are that competitive.

7. Also related to #5, you could lose 50 lbs in my family and nobody would notice, but if you get a bad haircut, we are falling all over ourselves to get the first slam out. It should bother me but I love that about us.

8. My older brother would and has given us the shirt off his back but if you spend 49.95 on his gift in a 50 dollar gift exchange, he wants to know where that nickel went.

9. When my father or brothers are worried about one another they will not ask each other what is wrong. They call me and make me ask. It doesn’t matter if they spent the entire day golfing together. They refuse to ask each other about problems.

10. All three of us are extremely different (almost diametrically oppositie if that’s possible) politically and religiously but it is not a source of conflict between us.

11. All three of us are pathological about customer service and have written letters to restaurants, phone companies, and even the skechers corporation.

12. Since my father and step-mother have been married, all of their children have only given birth to opposite sex children. In other words all the boys had girls and the girls had boys.

13. I am extremely close to all of them but I am so close with my older brother’s wife I once accidentally introduced them as my sister-in-law and her husband.

14. Both times my younger brother’s wife got pregnant, I ended up pregnant within three months. I told her that if she gets pregnant again, Im going into a convent for nine months.

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Becki said...

I made it all the way through with out laughing and spitting coffee til 12 and 13-lol
My youngest sister and i have kids that are literally months apart so i know that one out of 4 of hers 3 are with in a couple months of mine.
Your family sounds like a blast though :)

Canada said...

Are you sure you don't live on my street? Number 13 sounds remarkably like my neighbour. Number 12 - I love it!!
Finally - my TT is up, too!

SunshineBlues said...

The best friends to have is family! Yours sounds like lots of fun! Great list! Mine is up. Happy Thursday!

Ghost said...

We have a chair in our family that the females will not sit in any longer when they visit. Someone noticed that a month or so later, a pregnancy would be announced. ;)

Great list. Have a happy.

Norma said...

I love #13. In just ways are you different? You all sound pretty similar in temperament and personality.

My TT is up.

Ash said...

That was AWESOME, awesome, awesome, awesome.


Great TT!

Eveline said...

Family eh! I'm in an awkward position with mine at the moment (I broke off a relationship to move in with someone new, in another country...) I'm going to see them again this weekend and so not looking forward to it... *siigh*

My TT is up as well.

Pippajo said...

Well, shucks, what can I say? I am honored, and a little overwhelmed! Just when I was starting to hate my blog again too!

Anyway, I loved this list. Your family sounds a lot like my Mother's side of the family (last week's list was about my Father's side). #s 1,4,5,6 and 7 are all true of my Mom's family.

And #2? Would creep me out just a bit.

My list is up, but it's all maudlin and mushy. Hopefully I'll be back to being my irreverent, goofy self soon. If this stupid funk would just lift a little.

Oh and I forgot to tell you, my sister checked out your site because of how many times I've referenced it and she had to call me just to laugh over the Normisms! We had an entire phone conversation about you and we don't even know you. Is that weird?


Jenny Ryan said...

Your family sounds great! :)

factor 10 said...

Ooooh, the name thing. I married a Jerry. My father's name? you guessed it! But my in-laws had me beat. His sister married a jerry, their father was a jerry and their last (and best) stepfather is a Jerry. The other kids had two uncle jerrys, but technically, Big O had three grandpa Jerrys.

Tink said...

I'd love to meet you and your family!
Thanks for stopping by.

Lisa said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! I am an only child with delicate sensibilities so I would most likely be the one cowering in the corner sobbing at your family gatherings!

Great TT! Very entertaining!

Have a great weekend!

DKRaymer said...

Great list; I particularly liked #14. I'd like to go on vacation with youy family!
DK Raymer

Jersey Girl said...

We used to tell family members 30 mins ahead of the real time to get them there on time!

luckybuzz said...

#13 is cracking me up. :)

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