Monday, August 28, 2006

mondays with norm...

So as the boys and I wake up this morning, Norm starts talking about day care and how he will attend the day care's pre-school next week. We are discussing what will be the same and what will be different about the routine.

Norm Well Cody (some random daycare boy) wont be there.
Me: Why not?
Norm: (In a very conversational and benign tone)He doesn't come anymore. He is dead.
Me: What do you mean he's dead?
Norm: Well he ate the green part of the watermelon at snack and that can kill you and then he didn't come back, so he's dead.
Me: Norm, he isnt dead. He just probably moved or something.
Norm: Mom. He's dead. He's just dead. (now he is annoyed)
(Do I continue to refute this or do I validate his reality?)
Me: Well are you sad that he is dead?
Norm: No because he cried all the time and it got on my nerves.
Norm: Dont tell Miss Joy or Miss Cindy though because they'll be mad that Im not sad.

(Leaving me to wonder, do I explain that its ok not to be sad that he is dead, even though he ISNT DEAD? Do I mention this to his teachers anyway thus betraying his confidence but potentially clearing up a possible day care point of confusion? As I ponder these crucial parenting issues, Norm begins talking about going his cousin's soccer game tonight so I just decide to leave it all sit)


YLH said...

Just tell him to behave or I'll feel him the rinds.

Jesse said...

I was told I was going to die in 1st grade. I got wet in the water coming out of the gutter drain spout thingy on my school, and the water was from melting snow. My friend told me it had given me frost bite, it was contagious, not to touch him or talk to him and that I was going to die.

It was kind of horrible.

crse said...

Jesse that is so horrible. A lot of strange and bad ideas come out of the first grade it seems. I recall an incident where my first grade boyfriend convinced me you could erase black crayon. I wont go into gritty details but suffice it to say that I ended up in the corner of the classroom facing the wall for the rest of the year. Im glad you didnt die. YLH, you are on extinction.

Canada said...

Damn, and I was always worried that the dangerous part of watermelon was swallowing seeds - watermelon would start growing in your stomach, and you might explode. (and have an older cosin point out a very pregnant lady when she's telling you this - you'll be spitting seeds for sure!)

crse said...

Damn is that what did it? I knew there was a reason we switched to seedless here at the panflutemaster house.