Friday, August 11, 2006

For Luckybuzz

My conditioner is Matrix sleek look. It is in an orange bottle. I tried to post a picture of the bottle but it won't let me. It keeps saying the picture is uploaded and done, but there is no picture on the post. Does anyone know why this might be happening?


luckybuzz said...

Thanks, chica! I'll have to try it...all those "sleek" conditioners freak me out--I think that they'll just instantly straighten my hair or something. But I trust you. :)

Canada said...

Re: Blogger photos. My only guess is because it's tempermental. Seriously, this happens to me ALL.The.Time!!!

crse said...

Actually? you may have noticed Ive never actually gotten to sleek so I think you will be ok baby. I would have never picked this out but Cim recommended it. Im thinking you should just come over and try some! One of these days when I get blogger to work (thank you canada!) Ill post a picture of my hair.