Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WTF Wednesday

Ok this is kind of a short random end of the month wtf. What the Fuck is up with larry king tonight? Is it inarticulate guests night? Friends of John Michael Karr. "uhhh yeah....I aint seen John Michael Karr since the early 90s. I met him in a grocery store. In the early 90s" Ok if you are going to find a remote acquaintance could you at least find one that can speak full sentences? The sum total of what these "friends" had to offer was that John tried to get the wife to admit that we are all "gay" deep inside. Thats IT? Thats what you get on Larry King for these days? Thats responsible journalism there Larry (or the pitfalls of live tv) (or time to kick the ass of the staff member who dug these yahoos out of the faux wood panelling) What exactly are we supposed to infer from this one Lar? That anyone who can find some truth in the Kinsey reports is a child molestor and potential killer of little girls? Good Stuff Larry. Good Stuff. Keep the love alive there baby. On a happier note, we had Anderson Cooper 360 with the reporter about to get arrested in Colorado City for trying to get a cop to talk to him about Warren Jeffs. And the website still has an article about Bong Hits 4 Jesus. (gives a WHOLE new meaning, to what would Jesus do? eh?)


Lisa said...

Child, WHY in heaven's name are you watching LKL? (bleah) He is a tool of magnificent proportions.

(I agree, btw. they must be wicked desperate for guests)

crse said...

You know, he is a tool. I never really thought about it but he totally is!