Friday, August 25, 2006

Me Me Steal

My darlin' Luckybuzz gives me the good stuff!

Ten things you probably wouldn't guess about me.

1. I went to Alaska in a Toyota Tercel and camped the whole way there and back.

2. I got married in a Mexican Barrio in Tucson, AZ in a place called the Garden of Gesthemane (still cracks LB up!)

3. I was only engaged for 18 hours. Our wedding dinner was Taco Bell. Our honeymoon was a movie. "Interview With A Vampire". That was almost 12 years ago.

4. Im really actually very afraid of people.

5. The only time Ive personally been the object of litigation was from my own mother. (blog readers know this)

6. I lived on top of a mountain for 6 months.

7. I was a belly dancer for a short time. (i wasnt very good)

8. I secretly wish i was really strong. Like weight lifter strong.

9. Im an amazing speller. Even though Im lazy on my blog, Im actually kind of professionally particular about spelling and grammar.

10. Messiness makes me incredibly nervous. (YOU WOULD NOT GUESS THIS IF YOU KNEW ME)


luckybuzz said...

#2 DOES still crack me up. Every time. And I didn't know #3! And I think you are so awesome. :)

Jesse said...

I would love to live on a mountain. I love mountains. Why arn't there mountains in NYC?